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This 5-day course enables the experienced Java developer to use the Spring MVC framework to create RESTful web services. Participants begin by developing fluency with the Spring container and configuration practices and then learn the annotation-driven MVC system for REST controllers. We consider persistence techniques and unit testing to round out the week. Our experienced Spring instructor will teach you important topics including building RESTful web services in the Spring container, using annotation-driven REST controllers, handling HTTP request parameters and sending response data back to the client. If you need comprehensive REST training using the Spring framework so that you can successfully develop RESTful web services using Spring, this will be a very valuable course!

What You'll Learn

  • The scope, purpose and architecture of Spring.
  • Spring application contexts to declare application components, rather than hard-coding their states and lifecycles.
  • Dependency injection to further control object relationships from outside the Java code base.
  • Annotations to take advantage of Spring post-processors for automated bean instantiation and wiring.
  • Configure systems of Spring beans using either Java or XML.
  • Build web applications and RESTful services as a Spring DispatcherServlet and associated application context.
  • Spring MVC annotations to map request URLs, methods, content types and parameters to Java methods, and to bind request data to method parameters.
  • Validate input via HTTP requests, and use exception handlers to produce appropriate HTTP error responses.
  • Build REST clients using Spring's "REST template."
  • Connect REST controllers to persistent stores using Spring for JDBC or JPA.
  • Control transactions either programmatically with TransactionTemplate or declaratively with @Transaction annotations.
  • Spring testing framework for tests of core components, REST controllers, and persistence components.

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  • Course Number WREST
  • Course Length 5 days
  • Course Fee $2,795.00
  • Delivery Format VLT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Open Source
  • Technology Java/JavaScript Frameworks

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