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The need for intent-based networking is growing as more segments of the business depend on reliable, secure digital networks. Cisco DNA Center provides a centralized management dashboard for complete control of this new network. Full automation capabilities for provisioning and change management are enhanced with intelligent analytics that pull telemetry data from everywhere in the network. Applications, services, and users are prioritized based on business goals, within policy parameters and security best practices. Shortcomings in network, application, or device performance are flagged, and instant remediation guidance saves hours of IT troubleshooting. This interconnection of automation and assurance forms a continuous validation-and-verification loop, checking alignment of network operation with business intent.

Cisco DNA Center is an open, extensible platform for streamlining IT workflows and greater business innovation. Cisco DNA Assurance, which is the main component of Cisco DNA Center covered by this training, provides a comprehensive solution to assure better and consistent service levels to meet growing business demands. Assurance addresses not just reactive network monitoring and troubleshooting, but also the proactive and predictive aspects of running the network, ensuring client, application, and service performance. Assurance is a multipurpose, real-time, network data collection and analytics engine that can significantly increase the business potential of network data.
Note: the knowledge and skills that a learner should have before attending this course are as follows:

  • Practical network and LAN or WAN management experience
  • Cisco Inter-network Operating System (IOS) concepts

Target Audience

  • IT Solution Architects
  • Network Security Architects
  • Networking Admin and Operations
  • Networking Field Engineers

What You'll Learn

  • Know and understand Cisco DNA Center concepts, features, benefits, role, terminology and the way this solution innovates common administrative tasks on today's networks
  • Be familiar with workflow approach in DNA Center, DNA Center dashboard and its 4 Steps: Design, Policy, Provision and Assurance
  • List, describe and use the tools provided by Cisco DNA Center
  • Prepare, Install and Setup a Cisco DNA Center Appliance
  • Use DNA Center for network discovery, design and provision telemetry profiles
  • Realize the concepts, benefits and capabilities of DNA Center Assurance
  • Implement Assurance Services on Cisco DNA Center
  • Use DNA Center to monitor, troubleshoot and assure network, client and applications health
  • Use DNA Center to Integrate with ThousandEyes and Umbrella
  • Use DNA Center to for AI and Analytics and Machine Learning (ML)

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  • Course Number IADNACA
  • Course Length 5 days
  • Course Fee $4,295.00
  • Delivery Format vILT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
  • Vendor Cisco
  • Technology Digital Network Architecture (DNA Center)
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06/17/2024 IADNACA Implementing and Administering DNA Center for Assurance (IADNACA) 5 days vILT Register

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