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Though Python® has been in use for nearly thirty years, it has become one of the most popular languages for software development, particularly within the fields of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and web development—all areas in which Python is widely used. Whether one is  relatively new to programming, or have experience in other programming languages, this 2-day instructor-led course will provide participants with a comprehensive first exposure to the Python programming language that will provide a solid start, and a great foundation for further in Python learning. Students will learn elements of the Python 3 language and development strategies by creating a complete program that performs a wide range of operations on a variety of data types, structures, and objects, implements program logic through conditional statements and loops, structures code for reusability through functions, classes, and modules, reads and writes files and handles error conditions.

Target Audience
This course is designed for people who want to learn the Python programming language in preparation for using Python to develop software for a wide range of applications, such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and web development.

What You'll Learn

  • Set up Python and develop a simple application
  • Declare and perform operations on simple data types, including strings, number and dates
  • Declare and perform operations on data structures, including lists, ranges, tuples, dictionaries and sets
  • Write conditional statements and loops
  • Define and use functions, classes and modules
  • Manage files and directories through code
  • Deal with exceptions

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  • Course Number WPP1
  • Course Length 2 days
  • Course Fee $995.00
  • Delivery Format vILT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
  • Vendor Vendor-Neutral
  • Technology Python
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Date Course ID Course Name Duration Delivery Format Registration
12/11/2023 WPP1 Introduction to Programming with Python 2 days vILT Register
01/08/2024 WPP1 Introduction to Programming with Python 2 days vILT Register

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