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This 3-day instructor-led course enables participants to enhance and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Excel® and other applications in the Microsoft Office application suite. Students can use VBA to perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible to do using only worksheet functions, and can automate a wide range of tasks involving the collection, processing, analysis and visualization of data. This course will give participants a good foundation for understanding, creating and using VBA in your own Excel workbooks, showing you how to work with data across different applications, and how to package the macros and functions so they can be backed up, moved to other computers and shared with other users. Note: to ensure success in this course, students should be an experienced Excel user who is comfortable creating and working with Excel workbooks, including tasks such as entering worksheet formulas, using absolute and relative addressing, formatting cells and creating pivot tables and charts. This level of skill could be acquired by taking the Microsoft Excel: Parts 1, 2 and 3. For a shorter course option, also review VBA with Microsoft Excel (EXVBA1).

Target Audience
This course is primarily designed for students who want to gain the skills necessary to use VBA to automate tasks in Excel such as collecting data from external sources, cleaning and manipulating data. The target student may also want to learn how to create custom worksheet functions to streamline worksheet formulas and make complex worksheets easier to support, maintain and understand.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify general components of VBA and their appropriate use in solving business solutions
  • Record VBA macros to automate repetitive tasks
  • Use reference tools built into Excel to get help on VBA programming language and objects used in the Excel VBA environment
  • Write VBA code to create a custom worksheet function
  • Eliminate, avoid, or handle errors in VBA code, and optimize its performance
  • Control how and when macros run
  • Develop UserForm objects to create custom dialog boxes and windows
  • Use VBA to read and write data from local files and cloud services
  • Use VBA to clean and transform data
  • Run programs and commands outside of Excel and share VBA projects with other users

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  • Course Number EXVBA3
  • Course Length 3 days
  • Course Fee $895.00
  • Delivery Format vILT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Data Management and Analytics
  • Vendor Microsoft
  • Technology Excel
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09/09/2024 EXVBA3 Programming and Data Wrangling with VBA and Excel 3 days vILT Register

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