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In this 2-day instructor-led Sass course participants will learn how to get started using Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets). Sass is a growing CSS extension language that is compatible with all versions of CSS. This course starts with a introduction of what Sass is along with a HTML and CSS background review. Then we dive right into getting students started using Sass. CSS is not a prerequisite to this course. Note: working with Sass is a more advanced way of using CSS with a website. Students looking to enhance their skills may want to consider our Introduction to CSS, Advanced CSS, or CSS3 for Web Developers courses after taking Sass.

What You'll Learn

  • What Sass is and why to use it.
  • How to work with preprocessors.
  • How to install and configure Sass on either a PC or a Mac.
  • The Sass philosophy on code organization.
  • How comments work in Sass.
  • How to work with operations, control directives, and expressions.
  • What mixins are, such as bourbon and how to write your own.
  • How to understand when and where to use nesting.
  • How to write your own functions.
  • What extending and framework options are available.

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  • Course Number SASS
  • Course Length 2 days
  • Course Fee $1,075.00
  • Delivery Format vILT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Web Design
  • Technology HTML/CSS/Sass

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