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Understand the role of ISE in a SD-Access solution. SD-Access is Cisco’s Next Generation campus networking solution that simplifies management, automation, and improves security implications. Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) is the industry’s first intent-based networking solution for the Enterprise built on the principles of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA). SD-Access provides automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device and application traffic without redesigning the network. There are many challenges to manage enterprise networks including manual configuration and fragmented tool offerings. Manual operations are slow and error-prone and these issues are exacerbated by constantly changing environments with more users, devices and applications. With the growth of users and different devices types accessing the network, it is has become more complex to configure user credentials and maintain a consistent policy across the network. Without a consistent access policy, it is difficult to maintain separate policies between wired and wireless or to locate users and troubleshoot issues as users move around the network. The bottom line is that networks today do not address current network needs. The 3-day instructor-led SDAISE course addresses these issues!

Who (People), what (Devices), when (Time) and where (Location) are questions we would like answered when working with users and devices! These questions are answered within a single pane of glass known as the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). Once users and devices are identified we often segment these groups for management purposes. Cisco's Digital Networks Architecture Center (DNAC) is a means of configuring and maintaining that segmentation using software defined access. DNA Center is not limited to configuration changes. DNA Center also provides a policy-based approach to services that support the network such as NTP, DNS, DHCP. In this course, you integrate ISE and DNAC which gives you the ability to manage physical devices, logical segmentation, IP, transport rules as well as Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) of users and devices along with an overview and introduction to SD-Access and DNA Center. Note: this course offers a great "bundle" option with SDAINT Introduction to SD-Access and DNA Center.

What You'll Learn

  • Explain the role that ISE plays as part of the solution
  • Configure AAA services and TrustSec Policy in ISE
  • Explain ISE Integration with DNA Center for Policy enforcement
  • Know and understand Cisco’s SD-Access concepts, features, benefits, terminology and the way this approach innovates common administrative tasks on today’s networks.
  • Differentiate and explain each of the building blocks of SD-Access Solution
  • Explain the concept of “Fabric” and the different node types that conform it (Fabric Edge Nodes, Control Plane Nodes, Border Nodes)
  • Describe the role of LISP in Control Plane and VXLAN in Data Plane for SD-Access Solution
  • Understand TrustSec concepts, deployment details and the way it is used as part of SD-Access Solution for segmentation and Policy Enforcement
  • Understand the role of DNA Center as solution orchestrator and Intelligent GUI
  • Be familiar with workflow approach in DNA Center - Design, Policy, Provision and Assurance

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  • Course Number SDAISE
  • Course Length 3 days
  • Course Fee $3,295.00
  • Delivery Format vILT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Data Center
  • Vendor Cisco
  • Technology SD-WAN

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