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Installing and Configuring the Virtual Environment. Implement, integrate, and manage Cisco WAAS, Cisco APPNAV and Design a Cisco WAAS solution. Implement each of the Cisco WAAS application optimizers for maximum performance. Troubleshoot a Cisco WAAS solution Policy Routing Akamai Connect. As more companies move to a centralized data center or cloud environment data access times increase. This impacts end user productivity, customer response times, etc. This course teaches the student how to optimize the wide area network with the Cisco’s product line so the end user thinks they are accessing data locally, not over slow wan links. This 5-day instructor-led course covers all the standard functions such as TCP Optimization, Data Redundancy Elimination but also focuses on advanced topics such as APPNAV and Akamai Connect. Students will focus on common optimization methods and then do a deep dive on advanced content optimization for content including Youtube, Netflix and other dynamic multimedia content. Cisco’s vWAAS product line is focused on network optimization. Instead of always “buying more bandwidth”, Wide Area Application Acceleration Services focuses on how to optimize the data so your end users don’t waste as much bandwidth. TCP/IP was not designed for the large network infrastructures or the internet it is used on today. vWAAS allows IT professionals management and control capabilities to optimize, reduce and compress the data being sent across their wide area networks. It allows the IT department to “manage and optimize” the data, rather than “throw more bandwidth” at the problem and hope that solves it.  One of the biggest issues on today's networks  is video streaming. With Akamai Connect and APPNAV, the IT department can optimize this dynamic content and fine tune what happens with the data as it crosses the network.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe business value of WAN optimization and application acceleration technologies
  • Perform the basic configuration steps that are required for a Cisco WAAS deployment
  • Implement, integrate, and manage Cisco WAAS
  • Configure advanced features of Cisco WAAS
  • Design a Cisco WAAS solution
  • Implement each of the Cisco WAAS application optimizers for maximum performance
  • Troubleshoot a Cisco WAAS solution

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  • Course Number APPNAV
  • Course Length 5 days
  • Course Fee $4,175.00
  • Delivery Format VLT (Instructor Led; Virtual LIVE Online; Remote Training)
  • Course Topic Architecture and Design
  • Vendor Cisco
  • Technology Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

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